ECHO Walking Festival



We wish to make the ECHO Walking festival as safe and enjoyable as possible. To help us achieve this we would like to collect a little contact and other information from you. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

This form is specific to the Katikati walks/cycle events. Please use specific area forms to book for events in other areas.

Walk(s) or Ride(s) you wish to register for

  Tuhua/Mayor Island Day Tripper (06/04/2019)
  Aongatete Restoration Trust Walk (07/04/2019)
  Photo Walk (11/04/2019)
  Puketoki Reserve Family Walk (13/04/2019)
  Stories in the Trees (18/04/2019)
  Tuahu Trail Run (27/04/2019)

Contact Details


Names and ages of all participants

Age approximations are fine.

Medical Issues

Anything that might be of relevance when in an outdoor environment, specifying name of participant and condition.

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