ECHO Walking Festival
1-16 April 2023

ECHO Walking Festival
Coromandel to Kaimais

1-16 April 2023

Follow winding tracks through spectacular scenery and amazing views. Explore our backyard and learn about our local history. Hike across hills, discover pools and waterfalls, get a bit of exercise and enjoy our local bush and beach.

From an hour's walk to full day tramps, there's something for everyone and every fitness level.



ECHO Walking Festival

There's something for everyone with our ECHO Walking Festival walks. You might even find the odd cycle trip as well...


ECHO Walking Festival

Our walks offer some spectacular scenery and a taste of the New Zealand outdoors. Take your phone or camera and get snapping...

Photo Competition

ECHO Walking Festival

Every year we have a range of different walks and even the same walks can be fun to do again...


COVID-19 Information

  • The festival is Fully Operational in RED.
  • Vaccine passes are required.
  • Please register for all walks.

Regarding the removal of the Vaccine Pass Mandate by the NZ Government on 4th April 2022, The ECHO Walking Festival organising committee has given the matter careful consideration and has decided to continue our requirement for Vaccine Passes on our walks this year. The reasons are as follows:

  • We are aware of a number of at-risk walkers who have already registered for walks based on the original criteria.
  • Some of our guides are in the at-risk category.
  • While we understand our walks are in the outside environment, we are required to stay close together and often on narrow tracks. It is impossible to social distance in these settings and mask-wearing is not practical due to the exertion required on walks.

We know this will be disappointing to many and we ask for your continued understanding as we look forward to a time where everyone can come along and enjoy our walks.

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