What an amazing journey we’ve had during this year’s ECHO Walking Festival!

The team at ECHO Walking Festival would like to extend our warmest thanks to each and every one of you who joined us on this adventure through the beautiful landscape from the Coromandel to the Kaimais.

The festival is a true celebration of our beautiful surroundings, and the 2024 Festival did not disappoint. Whether you managed to tackle our longest trek – 17.5km’s on the Pylon Peak to Waiorongomai Valley Walk, scale our Highest Peak on the Pinnacles walk of 759m or enrich your knowledge on our Te Kura a Maia walk in Bowentown, we thank you for stepping outside and exploring, your enthusiasm and spirit made this festival a memorable one.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to our Funders, Sponsors and dedicated volunteers and guides. Your knowledge, support and passion for the outdoors made each walk possible and safe for everyone involved. Without your commitment, this Festival wouldn’t have been possible.

As the organising committee reflect on the wonderful memories, we are also hard at work behind the scenes planning ECHO Walking festival for 2025. We look forward to future adventures and opportunities to connect with you again. We hope you enjoy a wee insight into our 2024 experience together.

The ECHO Team

The ECHO Team:
Vicki, Jo, Kylie, Doug, Gary, Jim, Ali, Max, Jana & Matt

Save The Date

We are excited to unveil the dates for the 2025 ECHO Walking Festival! Mark your calendars and join us for this extraordinary event!

1st April - 17th or 20th April 2025

Photo Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered this years Photo Competition. We had over 100 photos submitted and are pleased to announce the following winners! Congratulations to Alan Campbell, Elyse Torkler and Kylie Watkins.

Alan Campbell

1st Place - $100
Alan Campbell
Kirikiri Battery Tramp
Thank you to Alan who kindly donated his winnings to ECHO Walking Festival 2025.

Elyse Torkler

2nd Place - $50
Elyse Torkler
Orokawa Trig Walk

Kylie Watkins

People’s Choice - $50
Kylie Watkins
Lindermann Loop

Te Kura a Maia

TE KURA A MAIA: Guide Lead, Reon Tuanau of Te Whānau a Tauwhao ki Otawhiwhi shared with us significant sites steeped in cultural history. The walk encompasses several Pā sites including Te Kura a Maia Pā and Te Ho Pā. This walk offers an opportunity to listen to the local history through Kōrero as it has been passed down over time.

Gravestones, Waihi Cemetery

WAIHI CEMETERY WALK: This walk is organised by the NZ Society of Genealogists (Waihi Branch). With this years theme being ‘Wonderful Waihi Woman’, we saw 50 people in attendance. We look forward to bringing a new theme in 2025.

Walkers Feedback

Walkers feedback

“My experience with the ECHO Walking Festival, particularly the Maratoto Wires Walk, was fantastic! The guided walk offered a great view of bush regeneration (for those intrigued with new growth) and provided just the right level of challenge, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.

On this well maintained track, our guide shared fascinating insights about the area’s history, enhancing the experience. The Maratoto Wires Walk was definitely a highlight of the festival for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore the natural beauty of the region while learning about its rich heritage.”

- Kristin Crockett, Katikati

Tell us what you would like to know

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you would like to know more about in next years 2025 ECHO Walking Festival. We’d like to know, how we can make your experience better?! Email us on: [email protected] or use our contact form. Lets us know what you think about…

The Walks Trails and Routes: Showcase different walking trails or routes in the festival area. We continue to provide walk descriptions, difficulty levels, and scenic highlights to inspire readers to explore these routes.

Local History and Culture: Focus more on the regions within ECHO Walking festival and the history, culture, and heritage of the areas visited during the festival. Highlight any significant landmarks or historical sites encountered on the walks.

Health Benefits of Walking: Discuss the physical and mental health benefits of walking. Include tips for incorporating walking into daily routines and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Interviews with Organisers or Guides: Conduct interviews with festival organisers, walk leaders, or guides. Learn about their perspectives on the festival’s impact and future plans.

Tips for Outdoor Exploration: Provide practical tips and advice for outdoor enthusiasts. Topics can include packing essentials, navigation techniques, and safety measures.

Upcoming Events and Activities: Promote upcoming events, workshops, or walking tours related to the festival’s themes. Encourage readers to stay connected and participate in future activities.

Environmental Conservation Efforts: Raise awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable practices within the area and local group endeavours to minimise their impact on nature.

Recipes and Food Stories: Explore local cuisine and food traditions, while you are in the region. Share walkers recipes using ingredients sourced.

Travel and Exploration Tips: Provide travel tips for visitors planning to explore the festival area. Include recommendations for accommodations, dining, and other attractions.

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