Please enjoy these walkers words from frequent participant Bob Mills. Thanks Bob!

Top Spot – It’s No Joke

First of April,
Hot Springs Road,
Warm and muggy start.
Seven gently
Upward trek
On Tuahu’s east part.

Kaimai’s backbone,
North-South Track,
Climbed by morning tea.
Southward scrambling,
Rock outcrops,
East/west vista’s see.

Twin Peaks passed
And Abseil Rock,
Cliff-hung ladders too.
Dodging branches,
Nettles, vines,
Queen Vic’s Head to view.

Motuapere Hut for lunch,
A late one,
But a “Goody”,
Onward to Eliza Mount.
Nikau palms and woody.

Yeah the carpark!
Welcome sight,
The end at Thompson’s Track.
But rich rewards…
You bet I’m coming back!

Bob Mills 1 April 2015