ECHO Walking Festival

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Below are the events that are currently marked as fully booked but have a waiting list in case of participant cancellation. We will contact those on the list if individuals or groups cancel their event registrations (on a first-in basis).

  Kauri Walk to Dickey Flat (02/04/2023) | WAIHI
  Estuary to Whenuakura Island Tour (06/04/2023) | WHANGAMATA
  Orokawa Trig Walk (09/04/2023) | WAIHI BEACH
  Waipaopao (Anzac Bay) Walk (11/04/2023) | WAIHI BEACH
  Waitekohekohe Reserve (11/04/2023) | KATIKATI
  A walk through Martha mine pit fence (12/04/2023) | WAIHI
  Wharf Street River Boat Cruise to Historical Maritime Park & Museum (PM) (14/04/2023) | PAEROA
  Papakura Bay Shipwreck (15/04/2023) | WAIHI BEACH
  Waihi Beach North End Mining History (16/04/2023) | WAIHI BEACH

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